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 / Advances in Mental Health Treatment: An Interview with Dr. Chiara Fabbri

Advances in Mental Health Treatment: An Interview with Dr. Chiara Fabbri

In an enlightening interview, Dr. Chiara Fabbri, leader of the Work Package 2 , shares insights into her groundbreaking research on mood disorders and the personalisation of psychiatric treatment.

Dr. Fabbri, a psychiatrist and researcher with a focus on genetic factors that influence psychotropic drug response, reveals the driving force behind her career choice. “The desire to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in a field that is still not fully understood is what keeps me motivated,” she says, acknowledging the complexity and demands of her role.

Her work, which integrates biological markers, computer science, and patient data, has already led to significant findings. Dr. Fabbri reveals that the specific genetic markers are linked with certain symptoms of depression – a knowledge that can offer valuable guidance, when it comes to personalised treatment and medication development. Looking ahead, this knowledge can be transformative in mental health treatment. By utilising genetic variants and symptom profiles, clinicians can move beyond trial-and-error methods to tailor treatments to individual needs. This approach not only enhances treatment effectiveness but may also lead to the development of new medications.

Within the Psych-STRATA project, Dr. Fabbri’s team is exploring how proteins in patients’ blood can predict treatment responses. This research delves into the biological mechanisms behind treatment resistance and strives to integrate these findings into clinical practice.

When she’s not pioneering in her field, Dr. Fabbri enjoys mountain biking and swimming, finding that connecting with nature spurs creativity and provides a welcome respite from daily challenges. Her dedication to her research and her patients is matched only by her passion for the great outdoors.

Read the full interview for an in-depth look at Dr. Fabbri’s innovative work and its potential impact on the future of psychiatry.