A Stratified Treatment Algorithm in Psychiatry: A program on stratified pharmacogenomics in severe mental illness

 / Empowering Voices: How Psych-STRATA’s Patient Advisory Board Looks at Shaping Mental Health Research with Real-Life Insights

Empowering Voices: How Psych-STRATA’s Patient Advisory Board Looks at Shaping Mental Health Research with Real-Life Insights

Since November 2023, Psych-STRATA has been at the forefront of setting a new standard for patient involvement in clinical research through the development of a Patient Advisory Board (PAB). We are delighted to announce the successful establishment and integration of the PAB marking a significant milestone for the project. Chaired by GAMIAN-Europe, a leading European patient organisation in mental health and a key partner in the project, the PAB consists of a group of patient experts that engage in ongoing discussions to integrate patient perspectives into Psych-STRATA’s research. At the heart of its objectives lies a strong emphasis on the contribution to the development and rigorous evaluation of a ‘Shared Decision Making Mental Health Board’. This Mental Health Board will be  dedicated to enhancing a cooperative shared decision-making process and facilitating this between patients and healthcare providers in future clinical practices. Through their consistent engagements, PAB members will undertake the assessment of digital health applications and ongoing mental health monitoring providing feedback on the efficacy of the Mental Health Board under development. In addition, The PAB  will contribute to dissemination and education, with a focus on presenting the project’s findings to national patient organisations throughout Europe. With 10 members drawn from European countries such as Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, as well as from the UK, the PAB is a wellspring of invaluable perspectives. All these individuals have their own unique experiences of navigating mental health challenges, which they can use to bring in the patients’ perspective into the Psych-STRATA project. For more information, we encourage you to visit www.psych-strata.eu/patients. In this dedicated page, available in six languages, you can get acquainted with the Patient Advisory Board (PAB), learn about its purpose, explore the roles its members play, and get to know the individuals who contribute with their unique perspectives to our mission. Explore our website www.psych-strata.eu to learn more about Psych-STRATA, an European-funded research project that looks at reshaping mental health treatments.

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