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 / EU and Israel to Begin Psych-STRATA Clinical Trials for Advanced Treatment Strategies

EU and Israel to Begin Psych-STRATA Clinical Trials for Advanced Treatment Strategies

We are thrilled to announce significant progress in the Psych-STRATA project, specifically within the Clinical Trials. As of January 2024, regulatory authorities have granted approval for three trials to start at various clinical trial sites across the European Union and Israel. These trials are set to begin in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Spain, targeting participants diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, schizophreniform disorder, major depressive disorder, or bipolar depression. Eligible participants are those currently receiving first-line treatments but showing insufficient response.

The trials will compare the effectiveness of standard second-line* treatments against what are typically considered third-line treatments. This innovative approach means that half of the participants in each group will receive what is normally the third option in their treatment regimen as their second-line treatment. The primary goal is to determine whether these third-line treatments are more effective earlier in the treatment process than the current second-line options, which are part of standard clinical practice.

Our objective is to optimise medication prescription strategies. On January 24th, the first sites were successfully trained on study procedures, marking a significant milestone in our journey. We anticipate enrolling the first participants in February 2024 and are optimistic about the potential impact of these trials on future treatment methodologies.

*In the management of mental health conditions, first-line treatments include standard therapies like psychotherapy and medications, chosen for their proven effectiveness and safety. When these initial approaches don’t yield sufficient improvement or cause significant side effects, second-line treatments, such as alternative medications or specialised therapy, are employed to enhance or replace the original strategy. If both first and second-line treatments fail, third-line options are considered.

Psych-STRATA is a research project funded by the European Commission that focuses on personalised mental health treatment. The project tackles treatment resistance (TR), a problem affecting a third of patients with major mental disorders who don’t respond to medications. Learn more here.

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