A Stratified Treatment Algorithm in Psychiatry: A program on stratified pharmacogenomics in severe mental illness

 / Join the Psych-STRATA Patient Advisory Board: shape the future of mental health research

Join the Psych-STRATA Patient Advisory Board: shape the future of mental health research

In the world of clinical research, patient engagement is pivotal for driving more patient-focused studies, backed by the invaluable insights of individuals with lived experiences that represent the patients’ voice. Just as in healthcare, where patient engagement is essential, the Psych-STRATA project is pioneering a Patient Advisory Board (PAB).

This board comprises a diverse group of patients and caregivers who convene regularly to influence ongoing and future research activities within the project. GAMIAN-Europe is taking the helm in chairing this advisory board and facilitating its meetings, ensuring that the patient perspective remains at the forefront of the Psych-STRATA project.

The Psych-STRATA Patient Advisory Board’s Key Roles

  • Dissemination and Education: Sharing project findings with national patient organizations. Evaluation of Digital Apps: Assessing the use of digital applications and continuous mental health assessments
  • Collecting Patient Feedback: Gathering insights from randomized controlled trials (RCT) on the practicality and pros/cons of objective and self-report measures via e-diaries, mobile sensing, wearables, and computer-based tests
  • Evaluating Shared Decision Making: Examining a novel mental health board that utilizes shared decision-making principles through a structured survey
  • Development of Shared Decision-Making Platform: Contributing to the development and evaluation of a ‘shared decision-making’ platform

Are You a Patient Expert in Mental Health Care?

If you’re someone who has personal lived experience with mental health treatment and therapies, and you’re passionate about the future developments in this field, we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. Familiarity with shared decision-making processes during mental health treatment is a plus, but not mandatory. As long as you can communicate effectively in English, we welcome you to join the Patient Advisory Board in the Psych-STRATA project.

How to Get Involved

If you believe you meet the criteria and are eager to represent the patient’s perspective in research, please reach out to us at eu.research@gamian.eu for more information and to express your interest in becoming a member of the Patient Advisory Board. Your voice matters, and together, we can shape the future of mental health research.

Join us today and make a difference! Stay connected with us for updates and developments in the Psych-STRATA project.