A Stratified Treatment Algorithm in Psychiatry: A program on stratified pharmacogenomics in severe mental illness

 / A Year in Review: Celebrating the Groundbreaking Achievements of Psych-STRATA in 2023

A Year in Review: Celebrating the Groundbreaking Achievements of Psych-STRATA in 2023

As the year draws to a close, we seize the opportunity to reflect on the extraordinary progress achieved by Psych-STRATA, a project supported by the European Commission, that aims at revolutionising psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, particularly for individuals grappling with severe mental health conditions.

Throughout the year, the consortium members of Psych-STRATA have been diligently working, successfully reaching and surpassing the initial project milestones.

In June of this year, we proudly unveiled the Psych-STRATA website, a key tool that offers comprehensive information about the project’s evolution. It serves as a gateway to understanding the core objectives of Psych-STRATA, introducing the partners involved, and featuring the latest news, events and publications in the psychiatric field across Europe and beyond. Being mindful of the user experience, the website is designed to also include a dedicated page for patients, with information available in six European languages.

Another significant milestone for the project was the launch of our first electronic newsletter, now readily available on our website. The newsletter is an indispensable tool of our ongoing communication and outreach efforts. Additionally, we have initiated a series of insightful interviews with two distinguished figures: Professor Bernhard Baune, the project coordinator, and Dr. Chiara Fabbri, the leader of Work Package 2. These interviews, offering a deeper look into the minds behind Psych-STRATA, are featured in an exclusive area on the website. Looking forward, we plan to continue this series in the coming year, providing the public with a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the dedicated professionals driving Psych-STRATA forward.

October was a particularly busy and active month for the project. On the 6th October, the Psych-STRATA Consortium convened for the second time in person after the kick-off meeting, this time in Barcelona. The meeting fostered a collaborative spirit, encouraging exchanges among the Consortium partners and emphasising their commitment to overcoming challenges and advancing towards a paradigm shift in mental health treatment approaches. This event has set the tone for the upcoming year, outlining a clear roadmap and actionable items. In the next year, we look forward to launching INTENSIFY, the clinical trial on early and intense treatments for people with severe mental conditions, completing the first proteomics component of Psych-STRATA, and conducting numerous genetic analyses. 

The project was notably present at key events such as the ECNP in Barcelona from October 7th to 10th and the Brain Innovation Days in Brussels on October 26th and 27th. GAMIAN-Europe, Psych-STRATA’s dissemination partner, distributed the project’s leaflets at their stand and provided information about the project to the diverse audience of experts, clinicians, policymakers, and industry professionals attending these events. 

Anticipating the developments of 2024, the enhancement of the framework for a shared decision-making process and a mental health board is underway. Additionally, the Patient Advisory Board, instrumental in engaging patients in the Psych-STRATA research, has been established and is scheduled for launch in the early months of 2024.

As we bid farewell to a year rich with progress and innovation in Psych-STRATA, we warmly invite you to join us in the next phase of our journey. Stay engaged and up-to-date by following our social media channels (LinkedIn, X, Facebook) for the latest updates and subscribe to our electronic newsletter via this link to be updated with Psych-STRATA’s ongoing development.